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Paul is currently at work on a novel to be released toward the end of the year.

Short Stories

What a Wonderful World
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What A Wonderful World

“It's a powerful piece of writing...”
   —Lee Goldberg, Author

He didn't love her... at least he thought he didn't.

Jim Dandridge is one of those homicide cops who's seen it all and forgotten none. So when he happens upon Kayla Lightfoot, a young hotdog vendor who is a shining light in the dark world he inhabits, Dandridge thinks things might not be so bad. Until Kayla is murdered. The cop's investigation is so personal and turns into such an obsession that it puts his life and career at risk.


“Guyot's story stood out...”
   —Mystery Scene Magazine (read the full article)

“...Guyot's story is dark, atmospheric and edgy...”
   —David J. Montgomery, Columnist Emeritus Chicago Sun-Times

Three Stories Down
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Three Stories Down

“Guyot strikes just the right balance between hardboiled grit,
intelligent mystery and humor...”

   —Geoffrey Thorne, Author Knight Rider comic book series

In “The Closers,” Paul Guyot weaves a dark satire of America's corporate culture, where salespeople close deals not for stocks or bonds, but assassinations.

“Barry of Hollywood” is a throwback to old private eye novels, with golf pro turned gumshoe James Hooker revisiting the city he was exiled from to solve the murder of a friend.

“The Law and the Order” spins a nasty tale of Murphy's Law when a guy with no luck, no direction and no brains just tries to get a little bit ahead.


“The Law and the Order” was chosen by StorySouth as one of the outstanding short stories of the year.

“Three very different stories that all share one thing—great writing.”
   —Barry O'Brien, Executive Producer CSI-Miami


Ride: Short Fiction About Bicycles

Larry loved to ride. Anywhere. Anytime. But the best roads around were in the gated community of Parkmoore Estates—a place Larry could never enter unless he was someone else. Someone worthy. Someone like... Bob Deerman.


“Paul Guyot’s contribution to RIDE, “I’m Bob Deerman,” is a chilling tale of the consequences of identity theft for a hapless cyclist who longs to ride the perfect road.”
   —Harper Barnes, book critic, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“My favorite story in RIDE is Paul Guyot’s “I’m Bob Deerman,” which tells a funny and at the same time all-too-scary tale... Guyot weaves a clever story that gets darker and darker until the shocking end. The writing is tight, crisp and professional, and this story stands out among several very well written tales.”
   —Anders Shuckersand, co-editor Nordic Cycling Blog